Ryan: Did you know that....

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Here you can read the curiosities about Ryan and his movies.

RYAN GOSLING... SUCH A NICE GUY!Have you ever had a doubt about this?

RYAN AS THE NEW RAMBO?Well, Stallone would like him!.

PA PA POWER.. WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO?Gosadd, we miss a video.

BLUE VALENTINE AND THE USE OF BLUE AND REDThe use of colors in Derek Cianfrance's masterpiece.

GRACE & FRANKIE &... RYAN GOSLING... Because everyone loves The Gos.

LOST RIVER - WHAT LIES BENEATH... Because also behind a score there is story.

FROM "REBEL YOUTH" TO LOST RIVER" TO Lost River The link between Lost River and Ryan's profile pic.

RYAN GOSLING OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGERyan was crazy mad on that bridge.

RYAN GOSLING BEST GIG EVER?Listen to what Steve Carell says about it.

WHAT IF RYAN PLAYED IN...Movies Ryan should be in and then.....

RYAN GETS HIS WAX FIGURE AT MADAME TUSSAUDSSee the images of his wax figure

LUKE GLANTON: WHERE DID RYAN TAKE INSPIRATION FROM?Have you ever wonder if Ryan was ispired by a real person? Well, maybe...

WHAT A WEDDING...Ryan talks about ... wedding.

FIRST IT WAS THE GOSLINE...What is the Gosline???

RYAN AND HIS LOVELY BONESRyan and WHY he didn't play in The Lovely Bones by Peter Jackson.

RYAN: A PRINCE OR A POOR IN HOLLYWOOD?Have you ever wondered if Ryan is rich or not for Hollywood?

RYAN HAS FLAIR..Ryan, Marc Forster and Jonah Bobo... Read about the role of Ryan in the Disconnect Movie.

SPINNING THE BOTTLE WITH BRITNEYRyan used to play Spin the Bottle.. But he is not a Liar....

RYAN IS THE LOST BOYFRIENDRyan and the Lost Boyfriend affair. 

BLUE VALENTINE -- CURIOSITIESCuriosities about the movie.

HALF NELSON: MEANINGWhat does Half Nelson mean?

I WANT TO BE HIM!Ryan wanted so hard a role... Read which one.


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