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As you all know, Ryan is involved in Charity. He worked on  Enough Project along with John Prendergast and he went to Africa few times. He also involved with Peta and other Charity projects.

Besides, in this section I'm posting also about movies Ryan did or produced that have a strong meaning.

As I usually said, Ryan is not a beauty face but also a beautiful person. Read about this side of Ryan.

Congo Stories, Ryan becomes photographer for the Enough Project!; Ryan has found a good way for using socials

TWITTER? IT'S FOR MOVING PEOPLE  Ryan photographer for Enough Project in the Congo (2010).

WHITE SHADOW - 2013  Ex. Producer for the White Shadows Movie by Noah Deshe

PROJECT ENOUGH 2010With John Prendergast, for Raise Hope for Congo.

ReGENERATION - 2010 DocumentaryRyan as Producer

CAMPUS PROGRESS - July 2008About Darfur Conflict

UGANDA PANEL - June 2007With John Prendergast, for Northern Uganda.

DARFUR - 2005Ryan for Darfur

LRA - Lord's Resistance Army Project (with Noah Deshe)Project for a movie with Noah Deshe

I'M STILL HERE - Real Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust- 2005Ryan as voice of Ilya Gerber

HELPING AFTER KATRINA - 2005Ryan in Biloxi, Mississippi (images)

PETA & ANIMAL RIGHTS (Last update June 23, 2015)Ryan for Animals


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