(TV Shows) Ryan Gosling at the Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hello GosAdd,
a very busy day yesterday for our beloved Ryan!!!!

Following the promo for  The Nice Guys , he attended the Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday.

In the Interview & TV Section on the Gallery you can already see the HQ photos of him arriving at the Studios for taping the episode. Later I will upload the photos (and screenshots from the show. just give me the time)

And at the Studio he re-teamed with his "bro" Will Ferrell. Yes, GosAdd.. The Knife Guys are back!

After sitting down with Kimmel, Ryan first claims he didn't try the suit before coming out....Actually he said the suit "it's wildly inaproppriate"....

He then talked about competing with the Angry Birds movie and the first time he met his “The Nice Guys” co-star Russell Crowe and then he acted out a scene from the movie with a lucky woman in the audience.

The scene is the first meeting between March and Healey...

I'm not sure Ryan would repeat this with another woman, that looks very very happy of being above him....

Another post is on its way GosAdd.

Stay Gos


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