(PROMO) The Nice Guys in Italy (May 20-22): Ryan speaks about Blade Runner and 2 new projects


Hello GosAdd,
So, for the first time Ryan Gosling is in this moment in Italy.
He, Russell Crowe, Joel Silver and Shane Black arrived on Friday 20 for The Nice Guys premiere held in Rome on May 20.

And, thanks to Lucky Red (the Italian distributor for the movie) I was there but I will tell you more in my upcoming post.

Anyway, on May 20 at 9 pm in the beautiful "Piazza della Repubblica" in the heart of Rome Ryan walked the Italian orange carpet set for the Guys at The Space Moderno

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 © Ernesto Ruscio
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We have also a brief clip when Russell enters the stage and introduces the Guys. He spoke (actually he read) in Italian. Don't forget he is the Gladiator for all of us Italians.

I was in the middle of the first row but I'm a total disaster in taking videos so I'm posting you this clip taken by Angelica Ricco who was sat next to me in the row (and I was lucky she uploaded her video that is better than mine)

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As you can see by the video Ryan just said a word. All was over in 2 minutes but it was still magical.

On May 21 the Press Conference took place at the same cinema. It was mostly Russell but Ryan said few interesting things too (in the next days I'll try and edit the clips I've taken during the press conf.. wish me luck!!!!).

He was asked about Blade Runner 2 but he answered a sniper was ready to kill him so he couldn't say a word about the project. He just said the shooting will start very very soon. And this is true: the shooting will start this July in Hungary.

Also, he was asked if he would like to direct again after Lost River's experience. I was very interested in his answer (yes it is in the clips I've taken). He said he has 2 projects and he hope one of them will be released by next year.  Nobody asked more about it but I'm sure he was referring to the Busby Berkeley project.

After the press conference Ryan and Russel moved on the near Boscolo Hotel for the interviews. 

This evening, May 22, both Ryan and Russell were at the Iger Studios in Milan, where they talked with Italian Tv presenter Fabio Fazio during "Che tempo che fa", aired on National TV. Watch the 21 mins interview here below:

With this the Italian promotion is now over and who knows where The Nice Guys are now headed?!

About the Italian Promo, you find the albums on the gallery here below:
Stay Gos

PS: today the gallery is not working. I've already ordered all the photos and I will upload them asap. Be patient, this is not my fault :-)


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