(NEWS) Sylvester Stallone wants Ryan Gosling to be his Rambo

Hey GosAdd
In the last days I've read here and there Sly .. sorry.. Sylvester Stallone want to remake his Rambo and that he wants Ryan Gosling to be him and I thougth it was a joke...

It's not!!!!

Here above it's an interview taken with Sly where he says clearly he want Ryan to play Rambo! (I know I've just said it and I'm gonna said it again maybe)

But Ryan didn't know it!! this is his reaction when he was told during The Big Short promo

Ok.. I'm quite in shock for this. I'm tired of all those remakes and reboots.... Hope Ryan won't be in but if he will....... I will support him as usual, but I'm not obliged to like it.

Stay Gos


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