(Photos) Ryan Gosling and Kevin Spacey took a selfie


This is a new photo though it was taken back in 2003.

I was on Tumblr and suddenly this photo appeared to me in a the b/w version here below

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Searching on Google I've found out the original one has been posted on September 2012 on Flare.com. According to the site it  has been taken during Tiff....

This is totally wrong. No, I'm not pretending to know everything but ... Ryan has been several times at Tiff over the year but his first time has been in 2007 with Lars and The Real Girl.

And this photo is much more older than 2007.

If we go back through the years, Ryan and Kevin Spacey were both at Sundance 2003 (with Jena Malone and Director Matthew Ryan Hoge) for The United States Leland.

And you should recall for sure both Ryan and Kevin used to take photos during the photoshoots in Sundance, like this below

© Jeff Vespa - click on the photo for more

Besides, take a look at Ryan clothes, hair and hat (the same he wore as young Noah in The Notebook) in these photos below:

The opening photo  was taken on 18 January 2003 in Park City (Utah) for the opening of the United States of Leland.

Credit to: © George Pimentel (according to Flare.com) | © Jeff Vespa | © Patrick McMullan

Stay Gos


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