(PHOTOS) Ryan Gosling photographed by Jonas Unger (Cannes 2014)

Earlier this week, the German magazine "Zeit Magazin" published an article about Ryan (his Lost River will hit German cinemas on 28 May).

The article, written by Christoph Amend, tells us more or less what we already know about the movie (thanks to Hannah, a nice German GosAdd of mine, who read it and reffered it to me).

To complete the article 3 beautiful imagines of Ryan taken by photographer Jonas Unger last year in Cannes (May 21, 2014 - during the interview).

Mr Unger kindly gave me his permission to post them, so here they are (for HQ photos, please click on the photo and don't remove any credits and don't share them without Mr. Unger permission):

Ryan took a "selfie"

For the photos: Thanks and Credit to: © Jonas Unger  | © Bird Production SARL (Agency)


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