Lost River in Cinemas & Vod (27 Feb. 2015)

Eone UK has just announced the movie will hit UK cinemas on 10 April 2015 (it was set for 24 April). I'm writing  you here below the confirmed date so far but don't forget to check my previous post Lost River - Release date updated with new dates as soon as I get them.

France 8 April 2015
Russia 9 April 2015
Spain 10 April 2015
United Kingdom 10 April 2015
Usa 10 April 2015 (same day out as VOD)
Germany 28 May 2015
Australia & New Zealand 17 June as Vod + 24 June on Dvd
Brazil 23 July 2015 (as Lago Perdido)

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  1. Anonimo6:10 PM

    Add Poland to this! Few days ago I sent an email to the distributor and I've just got the answer! They'll not sure about the date, though. Probably the second half of May.


    1. Hello Anna and thanks for the info. i will update the other post tomorrow. Can you tell me the Distributor's name?

    2. Anonimo9:42 PM

      Best Film https://www.facebook.com/pages/Best-Film/148193838847?fref=ts Here is the link to their fanpage. You can contact them if you want, here's their e-mail address bestfilm@bestfilm.pl