From "Rebel Youth" to Lost River

So, The Goz is back on twitter.. And every stone on Earth is aware of this now.

And Frankenstein has gone (4ever? Who knows?) and an old stylish guy has arrived (the real Gos pic has stayed up for few hours).

But I do think there is a strong connection between Lost River and his new profile pic.
Surely, it's just my crazy mind who has crazy thoughts. We need  Ryan to tell us if I'm right or not but, honestly, I don't think at all he will ever answer me back to my tweet

Anyway, his new profile pic is a photo taken by Swiss photogapher Karlheinz Weinberger (1921–2006) who was a self-taught photographer who achieved renown late in life for his groundbreaking photography. Weinberger’s work has been the subject of numerous group and solo exhibitions, receiving rave reviews in publications such as the New York Times, Artforum, The New Yorker, and New York Magazine.
He started his carreer in the late 40ies/early 50ies when he started taking pictures for the first international homosexuals’ magazine «Der Kreis/Le Cercle» (The Circle), for which he worked under the alias “Jim”. In the late 50ies he started portraying the style of the “Halbstarke” (“half strongs” / greasers), a youth culture dominated by young men from the working-class, who where mixing elements of the fashion of the American pop culture figure of the “rebel” (which was especially associated with the biking culture of the time and male icons such as James Dean and Elvis) with their own ideas of a non-conformism and delinquent fashion. (source:

Looking between his photos, I've noticed this one below (click on the pic to enlarge it)

It's a "rebel" wearing denim, leather gloves, a heavy chain to which hangs a huge proiettilo (or is it a phallic symbol?) and a horseshoe on the pubis.

A Horseshoe on the pubis..... what does this remind you? Any clue??? Well, the first image that comes to my mind after having seeing this one is this other one:

Bully! Bully (Matt Smith) is wearing a horseshoe on his pubis.... Is this a coincidence or Ryan had the idea of this after seeing the work of this photographer?
We won't find this out. But I just want to share my thoughts with you, make you think a little more about this movie that in my opionin is quite ignored by the majority of Ryan's fans.

Don't forget that Ryan is not just a beautiful face on a nice body. He is a very talented actor and I'm sure a very good person.

Stay Gos


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