Ryan Gosling is a Nice Guy.


Ryan Gosling has joined the cast of The Nice Guys with Russell Crowe. Another Warner Bros movie for our hero.

UPDATED: 11th July 2014 - Time 9.45 am
About a month ago I've posted what at the time was just a rumor (see the previous post here).

Yesterday, in the late afternoon,  The Wrap gave the new Warner Bros was in the early stages for buying the rights of "The Nice Guys", a screenplay that Shane Black (that will be also the director of the movie; previously he directed the beautiful Iron Man 3) and Bagarozzi wrote years ago.

Few hours later The Hollywood Reporter announced Warner Bros has closed the deal for North American distribution. Joel Silver will produced the movie.

I do remind you the movie is set in a 1970s smoggy Los Angeles and it's about a private detective-practicing alcoholic (Holland March, played by Ryan Gosling) and a muscle-for-hire-recovering alcoholic (Jackson Healy, played by Russel Crowe) who search for a missing porn star and uncover an underground ring of corruption.

At the moment there are no news about when the shot should start. Surely the set will be in LA.

Keep following for more updates.

Stay Gos


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