Lost River: Recap and First Image from the movie (be aware of the SPOILERS)

What a fantastic day today!!!

Before 11.00 am (CET) I was connected on the official  Cannes film Festival twitter waiting...

And when I read that name... Ryan Gosling I've jumped on the chair (it's a pity I wasn't alone so I had to keep calm and relax).

Then I've read Lost River and I was like: wait... where is the Monster?? But in a while I did realize.
How to catch a monster took another name. Lost River.

And the movie is not in the main competition but - as I've said many many times - in "Un certain regard". 

I don't know now what will happen. Soon Cannes organizers will announce the day for the screening and upload on their official site the Press Kit for every movie (maybe today, as it's written on the page). Then we should have an official Poster and a trailer.

All we know now is the name and the lenght: 1 hour 45 minutes.... A long movie.

A little note for you who are following: I've already modified all the tags on the blog.
You will still find the How to catch a Monster tag for the previous post.
I also added to the 30 posts the Lost River tag.
From now on I will use only the official title.

As for the image I've used in the blog.. It's just a temporary one. I will make a new one when we will have the poster.

So, let's make a litte recap about the movie and the characters. Ok? 
Be aware in this post you may find some spoilers.

LOST RIVER - First Image - Courtesy of Bold Films

The story is set in a quite abandoned town named Lost River (from where the official title) where a single mother, Billy (played by the beautiful Christina Hendricks) tries to save her kids: the about 18 yo Bones (Iain de Caestecker) and little Frankie (Landyn Stewart) who is still at the kindergarten.

Bones is bullied by Bully (Matt Smith) and his mate Face (Torey Whigfield) and a day he finds a road for a underwater town.

In the cast also Saoirse Ronan as Rat. Same age as Bones, she owns a white mouse named Nic (this is just my opinion: maybe Ryan wanted to pay homage to his friend Nicolas WR?! They are both weird guys!).
In a recent interview Saoirse said Ryan let her chose the rat and she picked up a white siberian one whil Ryan was sure she would have picked up the normal rat... I've told you: Ryan is a real weirdo (and a real hero) and she said her name is due to the fact she lives in a house full with objects (like Buried at home you know) and she moves in the inside through small tunnels. Like a Rat.

Rat lives with her grandmother Belladonna (played by Barbara Steele), an old and sick woman who lives in her past (she was an actress). At the beginning the role has been offered to Karen Black. Unfortunately she couldn't accept as she had a cancer (she died few weeks after being proposing).

Eva Mendes play Cat. Let me explain a little. Billy works in a club but then she finds a 'better' job at this Big Bad Wolf where she met Cat (in the script she is Italian, so her real name may be Caterina...) who helps her to settle in this new challenge.

Ben Mendelsohn is Dave, the bank director. We know him because he played (among other movies) in The Place Beyond The Pines as Robin.

Rob Zabrecky, singer, actor and magician is in the cast too as Rob the cab driver. In real life, Rob is a good friend with Ryan.  

A  small part has been given also to Mr. Larry Mongo who owns a Cafè in Detroit (Ryan and him met while shooting The Ides Of March). He plays Mr. Reed, Billy's neighbour.

I think this movie is a kind of an autobiography.
Billy lives with her 2 kids --> Ryan grew up with his mom Donna and his sister Mandi.
The new Lost River grew up on a flooded city --> Burlington was build upon the old flooded city (Buried in Water by Dead Man's Bones fits perfectly to both town).
Bones is bullied by Bully and  Face --> We all know Ryan was bullied hard in his childhood.

I could tell you more and more stuff but I will did too much spoilers so... I stop here.

Another thing we have to notice is the cast. Christina is mostly knonw for being in Mad Men. She had a small role in Drive (she was Blanche, surely you remember her).

Iain is Scottish and famous for being in Coronation Street and now he is in SHIELDS. Quite unknown in the Us I suppose. Surely unknown in Italy.
Matt is famous for being Dr Who. This is his first movie in Hollywoodland. 
Barbara Steele is an English actress who had a great  time in the 50s/60s working in Italian horror movies.
Saoirse, Eva and Ben are yet well known but not so so known. And Saoirse is very young (she is just 20). I still remember her role in Atonement: amazing! 
An interesting cast I'd say. 

And I'm sure the movie will be great. I trust Ryan completely. I know he won't upset me.

Stay Gos


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  1. I had forgotten that Ben Mendelsohn was going to be in it. I'm so excited that there's finally an image from the film! It's going to be a really strange movie, but as you said, a great movie.

    1. Yes, maybe it's not a great part but.... an interesting role the Ben's one :-)