Troubles in Paradise?? RUMORS!

Goose Sunday GosAdd,
today I want to talk about the rumors of the last weeks.

Those who follow me on my Facebook  and my Tumblr  already know I try to avoid posting gossips or bad rumors.

But yesterday I had too many messages from my GosAdd asking about "Ryan-and-Eva-are-splitting-up" Stuff.

I have not all the answers, I may know a little more than you but these are very private stuff between Ryan and Eva. 

All I can do is trying to analyze the gossip with you. Read please and let me read your opinion.

Ryan and Eva at Tiff in Sept. 2012
The rumor has started few weeks ago now and the "Heat Magazine" was the first to give it.
According to the magazine,  Eva is cheating on Ryan. Yes, things are not going well in Heaven and she's getting very close with her ex boyfriend, peruvian filmmaker George Augusto. I do remind you Eva and George had an eight year relationship and they still have together a company for home stuff. Besides, there are rumors he was the one that financed her new fashion line and that he has moved to live in a house next her.
Then the rumor explodes all over the world. 
Nooooooooo, it wasn't Eva who cheated on Ryan…  Ryan wants to settle down and have kids while she doesn't. Last year, during an interview (If I remind good at the Ellen Degeneres) she said "wedding is an archaic stuff". She also added she doesn't want to have kids.

But how can it be?? During the last summers (plural, because the rumors keep going on every once in a while) it seems like Eva wanted to settle down and have kids and Ryan didn't….

Anyway, the rumors were just on gossip magazines or websites. 

But but but….

Yesterday, both ">Daily Mail and Huffington Post reported the rumor…. 

The couple is splitting for her jealousy. This is what they wrote on  the site:
An insider reveals to US Weekly that the cause of their problems stems from the actor being 'moody', while his girlfriend is 'insecure'.'She sees a text from a mystery number and assumes he's talking to girls,' a source close to Gosling explains.

They both reported the source of an INSIDER who talked with US WEEKLY

This insider has a real long tongue. He always appears everywhere and  every time but honestly I don't believe he exists and the magazine is well known for being a gossip mag like the National Enquirer (that wrote Ryan was offered $ 30 million for being Mr Grey. Fake!!!)… FAKE STUFF.

I do believe this is RUMOR. I'm like Saint Thomas, do you know? If I don't see I don't believe. So, as your Ale is what she is… 
I want an official statement saying Ryan and Eva have splitted.

Til that day this is just another crappy gossip, maybe said but someone who has intereste in keeping the attention high and I do suggest to all of you to NOT BELIEVE THESE VOICES.

Ryan is a very reserved guy. An insider…. a person close to Ryan… WHO?? Tell me who is this "close" person! I'm sure Ryan has trusted persons around him (he has a small staff… his managers - Carolyne Govers and Ilene Feldman - and a couple of Assistants). A trusted person wouldn't go around saying this kind of staff to such a gossip magazine.

This is all I can say to you GosAdd, sorry.

Have a goose Sunday


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  1. Very good point; I don't think the rumors are true either, there's no way they're coming from someone close to ryan.

  2. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  3. what i meant is that i cannot read poorly written and articulated articles. your sentences make no sense and are not in proper english. for instance this sentence "The rumor has started few weeks ago now and the "Heat Magazine" was the first to give it." should read this rumor started a few weeks ago; heat magazine being the first to report it. ryan is my favourite actor of all time, but i cannot read things written by inarticulate people.

    1. Sorry for using wrong verbs or words. I've learnt English on my own and I'm doing my best.
      If you think I'm an inarticulate person stop reading me.

  4. i already did stop reading, remember? i said i cant read it because it makes no sense. i did, however notice that you posted about me in facebook and how i said youre inarticulate. :)