Only God Forgives -- Dvd and Blu Ray Release

Hello GosAdd,

Only God Forgives is yet available on dvd or blu ray in few Countries and soon the movie will be out also in Italy and the UK.

Here you will find the Countries and the Amazon address from where you can order (or pre-order) your copy:

France --> the movie has been released on 2nd October 2013 - buy it on

As you could see, you can also buy a box including both Only God Forgives and Drive.

USA -->  the movie has been released on 22nd October 2013 - buy it on

Germany --> Released on 18th November you can buy it on Amazon.De

As you can see, there is also a special edition including many stuff like a booklet, NWR documentary and posters. But on the dvd / br there is no extras.
Besides, be careful: on the cover it's written UNCUT Edition. My German GosAdd are really disappointed as the movie is the one screened. So no new scenes.

Italy --> Dvd and blu ray have been released on 21st November and you can order your copy on . But If I were you, I will buy it from the UK as the Italian blu ray is really of a low quality. I've sent a message to the Italian Distributor and we have to wait now.

UK --> You could pre-order you copy on 
Dvd and Blu Ray will be released on 2nd December

Stay Gos


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