Is Ryan valuable or not???

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It's weird how you get no news for days and then interesting things pop up at the same time! Well, maybe for you this can't be interesting but as Ryan is a drug for me, every single new about him makes me feel in 7th Heaven... I know I know... I'm addicted!!!!
And this is why I've named my page Ryan Gosling Addicted...

Anyway, yesterday while on google searching for Ryan this new come up to my attention.

Vulture - a New York Magazine's issue - have made this list "100 Most Valuable Movie Stars of 2013": Robert Downey Jr,  Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are in the Top 3.

Scrolling down the page you willl find also Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise (#14), Brad Pitt,  Angelina Jolie, George Clooney...
 And of course also our beloved Ryan is in the list.... At #22 (he gained +12 from 2012).
And this is what they wrote:

Ryan Gosling is that rare sort of creature in Hollywood: a leading man with good looks, great charm, and a big name … who’s still never starred in a $100 million movie. And maybe that’s exactly how he wants it. Gosling seems most comfortable in indies, including this year’s The Place Beyond the Pines, which grossed a tidy $21.4 million. But that was the actor’s only success this year: His Cannes entry Only God Forgives was met with boos and bombed in theaters, while studio entry Gangster Squad — one of Gosling’s few stabs at a mainstream popcorn movie — stalled at $46 million.
Now that Gosling is taking an extended break from acting to work on his first directorial effort, How to Catch a Monster, it raises the question of what he should do when he comes back. Could he use another star vehicle like Crazy Stupid Love, the first and only movie he’s made to truly capitalize on the romantic appeal he showed in The Notebook? Or would he be better off as an independent leading man with intermittent, smaller-scaled hits like Drive and Blue Valentine? One thing is for sure: Superheroes are off the table for Gosling, who’s turned down offers to star as Green Lantern and Batman in the past. Our guess is that Gosling stays his course, leading indies while taking the occasional juicy supporting role in a studio vehicle that he feels like he can trust. It’s possible that one of his frequent collaborators like Derek Cianfrance or Nicolas Winding Refn will eventually be handed a megabudget studio movie and come calling for the Gos, but that backdoor approach is just about the only way we can see Ryan Gosling starring in a summer tentpole. And that’s fine: In the era of Twitter and TMZ, what’s wrong with at least one leading man who stays elusive?
They wrote his only hit this year has been The Place Beyond the Pines. 
Well, personally I don't agree totally... Let me explain.
I agree witht them about Gangster Squad being not a success (not for Ryan's fault of corse). When you read on magazines about the movie they described it as the new "Untouchables" or "LA Confidential". I havent's seen the 2nd but I love the Untouchables. It's a fantastic movie with a great Kevin Costner as Elliott Ness then Andy Garcia, Robert de Niro and the Amazing Sean Connery. One of the best movie ever made for me.
When I watched the movie I was really disappointed by it. Big names like Sean Penn and of course our Ryan and Emma Stone, I really liked Josh Brolin as Sgt O'Mara but.... the movie was a kind of a comic one!!!! It seems more similar to a Cartoon and it has nothing dramatic in it. The movie was based on a book, written by a journalist who did lot of research so the story is a true one, a true dramatic story. 
Still I'm asking myself why Emma is in this movie (she is a fantasy character as Miss Grace Faraday didn't exist in reality). But they decided a female character must be in too. Ok... so what's the use in deleting 2 scenes with Grace and Jerry?? Those scenes, to me, were important for the movie because they showed the feeling between the characters....
Anyway, Gangster Squad, who costed hundred thousand dollars was a flop! Ok. I can live with this.

But I didn't agree at all for Only God Forgives being a flop! To me it's a Masterpiece!
And I can't admit the critics (who should be professional journalist) booed a movie. This is really a shameful  thing! 
Ok, the movie is not an easy one (Nicolas himself said he wanted to separate the audience, we know he is a strange man), it has nothing to do with Drive (and I'm sure THIS is why they booed the movie, along with the absence of Ryan in Cannes - and for this shame on the Cannes Organization who kept telling Ryan would be present when he couldn't be and they knew it), the story may be cruel and the scenes violent (please, forgive me but have you seen "Heli"??? THAT is a violent movie!), there is a weird (incestuous) relation between mother and sons. We get  violence everyday when we watched news on Tv.  So what's wrong with this movie?  Because, really I can't understand it.... I can't understand just the fact a person can not like it but honestly not all the critics it had so far!

Finally, I hope Ryan will keep making INDIES movie instead of box offices. He is a great actor, very talented, he acts by instinct. And I know he can play every single role in every kind of movie because when he is in the making he become the character. But my fave movie are Drive, Only God Forgives and The Believer... Indies, not box offices. For those major company a movie is just a way to make money, not to make persons see what there is out there.

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