Let's go on Tour!

As I’ve already written in the Unreleased Songs posts, Dead Man’s Bones went on tour between 2009 and 2010 (mostly in 2009 honestly) and they announced the events with a couple of very funny videos:

Now, we know Ryan can be very fun when he is in the right mood and after seeing these videos, I think he and Zach are a great couple together (don’t misunderstand me.
I mean as friends).

Anyway, there are tons and tons of videos on You Tube taken from their concerts.
Many videos are about the same song and taken during the same concert but from a different side.

On my YouTube Channel I’ve created 2 Dead Man’s Bones Playlists:

o   The first one with all the album songs (usually videos made by fan with lyrics on the screen but also with official  videos as for Dead Hearts

o   The second one is always in progress and I’ve tried to add all the live performance I’ve found.

Here I list you  the dates and the places:

o   2010 – 4th September -  FYF Festival – L.A. State Historic Park
o   2010 – 26th and 27th June -  Eagle Rock Center for the Arts in Los Angeles
o   2009 – 30th and 31st October  - The Echo in Los Angeles
o   2009 – 27th October - Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco
o   2009 -  25th October - Mississippi Studios in Portland (Or)
o   2009 – 24th October  - Venue, Vancouver
o   2009 – 23rd October  - The Triple Door, Seattle (Wa)
o   2009 -  21st October - Shubas Tavern in Chicago (Il)
o   2009 – 20th October - The Opera House, Toronto
o   2009 – 19th October - Le Nationale, Montreal
o   2009 – 17th October - Sixth and I Historic Synagogue, Washington DC
o   2009 – 16th October  - First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia
o   2009 – 15th October  - Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
o   2009 – 14th October  - The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge (Ma)
o   2009 – 20th April - Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles


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