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Lost River - Order NOW (updated 28 May 2015)

Lost River  is now out in many Countries and in more will arrive later.

For those who can't watch it on a big screen because the movie won't be released.. Don't worry!!!!
You can buy it as VOD (Video on Demand), Dvd and Blu Ray. You can also own the Soundtrack.
Here the links:

On Amazon.com (so in the USA) you can preorder it
*** VOD  since  10 April 2015Amazon.com (US site) or ITunes
*** DVD/Blu Ray (out on  May 5, 2015) - Order on Amazon.com (US site)
*** Soundtrack (On Digital Download) - Buy on   ITunes
*** Audio CD (Available on  June 9, 2015) - Order  Amazon.com (US site)
                  *** Vinyl (Available on July 7, 2015 - Import ) - Order  Amazon.com (US site)


If you're living in old Europe (and every other Country where Region 2 dvd are supported) and the movie won't be in your cinemas (Italy, Portugal for instance).. Be strong!
*** DVD - Available starting from 1 June 2015   Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom site).
*** Soundtrack (On Digital Download) - Buy on  ITunes
                  *** Audio CD (Available on  June 8, 2015) - Order  Amazon.co.uk (UK site)
                  *** Vinyl (Available on July 10, 2015 ) - Order  Amazon.co.uk (US site)

Stay Gos

La La Land - The songs are already recorded!


My GosAdd,
this is a short update.

Emma Stone is in Cannes for her movie Irrational Man (directed by Woody Allen) and she says a very interesting thing about  La La Land.

Le Bleu Du Miroir  reported what Emma said in a tweet:

For those of you who don't' speak French… She just said that she and Ryan had already recorded the songs for the musical.

Once again I do remind you the synopsis for the movie:

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(PHOTOS) Ryan Gosling photographed by Jonas Unger (Cannes 2014)


Earlier this week, the German magazine "Zeit Magazin" published an article about Ryan (his Lost River will hit German cinemas on 28 May).

The article, written by Christoph Amend, tells us more or less what we already know about the movie (thanks to Hannah, a nice German GosAdd of mine, who read it and reffered it to me).

To complete the article 3 beautiful imagines of Ryan taken by photographer Jonas Unger last year in Cannes (May 21, 2014 - during the interview).

Mr Unger kindly gave me his permission to post them, so here they are (for HQ photos, please click on the photo and don't remove any credits and don't share them without Mr. Unger permission):

Ryan took a "selfie"

For the photos: Thanks and Credit to: © Jonas Unger  | © Bird Production SARL (Agency)

Grace and Frankie and... Ryan Gosling


Hello there GosAdd,

Last year Jane Fonda was spotted with a chair with Ryan's face on it.
Those photos were everywhere on the net and at first we (I)'ve thought Mrs Fonda was soooooooo deep in love with our Ryan that she had to have his chair.

Well, we were (I was) wrong, as in a while after it was clear the chair was for  a Tv Serie named "Grace and Frankie" (starring Fonda and Martin Sheen and many others).

Netflix is now airing the serie and the first screenshots are online....
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