It's a Girl!!


Friday - 12 September -, Baby Goose came into the world.

Both Mom and Baby Girl are doing great and they're all back home now.

Congrats from the bottom of my heart to 'Daddy Ryan' and 'Mommy Eva'.

There is not an official announcement at the moment but the happy news is confirmed.

I don't think we will see a pic of their happy family but maybe we will be told the name.

Till then....Please respect their privacy.

Stay Gos

Margaret Qualley and Angourie Rice join The Nice Guys


Hello GosAdd,
how many news today….

Variety has just reported that "Leftovers" (HBO production, that is a WB affiliate) actress Margaret Qualley has joined Ryan and Russel in The Nice Guys.
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Ryan Gosling's best gig ever?


Hello my GosAdd,
how are you doing?

So we have a new "curiosity" for the blog.
Steve Carell (who played Cal Weaver in Crazy Stupid Love), in Toronto for his new movie "Foxcather", gave an interview to Krista Smith for Vanity and he talked a little about Ryan.

But what did he say about the Gos? Here below you can watch the interview (at minute 1:35 for Ryan's best gig):
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Solo: Singing in Clubs // The Angel Set -- The One aka You're My Favorite Song


This post is just a subcategory of the Main title "Solo Music: Singing in Clubs / The Angel Set".

As you can read in the post Singing in Clubs // The Angel set, Ryan did use to sing his songs in clubs.

This song is from 2000 and the guy who upload the video (Ryan didn't appear on the video, not even in picture) You Tube called it "You're My favorite song" but the girl who was at those concerts wrote in an article "The One".

Anyway, you can listen the audio here:
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The Nice Guys: WB's Press Release


WARNER BROS: Press Release 

Hello GosAdd,
here I'm posting new the Official Press Release:

*** *** ***

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling to Play “Nice” For Shane Black and Silver Pictures

(September 2, 2014 – Burbank, CA) – Silver Pictures’ upcoming detective thriller “The Nice Guys,”
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