(Photos) Ryan Gosling and Kevin Spacey took a selfie


This is a new photo though it was taken back in 2003.

I was on Tumblr and suddenly this photo appeared to me in a the b/w version here below
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Exclusive Box Set - From Amazon.De


Hello GosAdd,
Germans really loves Ryan.. or so it seems.. I can't say the same for Italians (I do remember you all Lost River was totally ignored here, no hope for us)

Anyway, just found this box...


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Lost River - Dvd / Blu Ray / Vod / Ost

Lost River - Order NOW (updated 13 July 2015 - Germany)

Lost River  is now out in many Countries and in more will arrive later.

For those who can't watch it on a big screen because the movie won't be released.. Don't worry!!!!
You can buy it as VOD (Video on Demand), Dvd and Blu Ray. You can also own the Soundtrack.
Here the links:

On Amazon.com (so in the USA) you can preorder it
*** VOD  since  10 April 2015Amazon.com (US site) or ITunes
*** DVD/Blu Ray (out on  May 5, 2015) - Order on Amazon.com (US site)
*** Soundtrack (On Digital Download) - Buy on   ITunes
*** Audio CD (Available on  June 9, 2015) - Order  Amazon.com (US site)
                  *** Vinyl (Available on July 7, 2015 - Import ) - Order  Amazon.com (US site)

As for Canada, you can buy the blu ray as import (so, buy it directly from the US Market). But the dvd is Canadian edition:

*** DVD - Available now   Amazon.ca (Canadian site).
*** Audio CD (Available on  June 9, 2015) - Order  Amazon.ca (Canadian site)
                  *** Vinyl (Available on July 7, 2015 ) - Order   Amazon.ca (Canadian site).

If you're living in old Europe (and every other Country where Region 2 dvd are supported) and the movie won't be in your cinemas (Italy, Portugal for instance).. Be strong!
*** DVD - Available starting from 1 June 2015   Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom site).
*** Soundtrack (On Digital Download) - Buy on  ITunes
                  *** Audio CD (Available on  June 8, 2015) - Order  Amazon.co.uk (UK site)
                  *** Vinyl (Available on July 10, 2015 ) - Order  Amazon.co.uk (US site)

You can also order your copy from France: 
*** DVD - Available starting from 30 Sept. 2015   Amazon.fr (French site).

Are you living in Germany?? Don't worry!!! You can order everything:
*** DVD - Available starting from 1 Oct. 2015   Amazon.de (German site).
*** Blu ray - Available starting from 1 Oct. 2015   Amazon.de (German site).
*** Blu ray - Limited Collectors Edition - Available starting from 1 Oct. 2015   Amazon.de (German site).
                *** Audio CD (Available on  June 26, 2015) - Order  Amazon.de (German site)
                  *** Vinyl (Available on June 26, 2015 ) - Order   Amazon.de (German site).

For Japan is too soon but at the moment you can order it as import editions.
*** DVD - You can order if from the UK (Region 2 - see link above)   
*** Blu ray - You can order it from the Us (Region A/1)

Stay Gos

La La Land - Cast Updates

Updated Regularly - last update 10 July 2015

July 10 - 2015
Here I am again with a new update

The Hollywood Reporter reports JK Simmons has joined the cast.

J.K. Simmons, who won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his role in Damien Chazelle's Whiplash, has signed on to Chazelle's next project, the musical La La Land.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are starring in the Summit film, which is a modern take on the Hollywood musical following a jazz pianist (Gosling) who falls for an aspiring actress (Stone) in Los Angeles. But as success mounts, they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fabric of their love affair.
Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno and Callie Hernandez also recently joined the project to play Stone's character's three roommates. Simmons will play a character called "Boss."
Fred Berger, Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz and Marc Platt are producing the film. Summit will release the film on July 15, 2016.

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